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What makes air charter so important?

dev-aeonjets, February 09, 2014

What makes air charter so important in the lives of business VIPs, diplomats, royalty, celebrities and sports teams?

For starters, convenience. Booking a private charter requires full understanding of what’s involved exactly. This includes, safety requirements, staffing, costs, FAA regulations, vendor procurement and much more.

When you use an agent to book your private charter, you know you’re in good hands. With the right agent, everything will be customized to your needs. It’s fluid, a time-saver while maintaining the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. The right agent will get into your head by asking you a lot of questions in order to meet all of your needs and needs you didn’t know you had. We are your one point of contact.

Experienced agents have the ability to make luxury arrangements on short-notice, know weather patterns ahead of time and adjust your aircraft while keeping you on track.

Exclusivity should come standard with the right private charter agent. Service should be unparalleled, your in-flight experience luxurious, fly when and where you want in the aircraft of choice and all travel should be stress-free.

We respect the meaning of VIP ensuring complete anonymity and confidentiality. Every detail of your trip is planned in triplicate and we work clo