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Our service begins when you book your flight.

We ensure a perfect experience before, during and after your flight.

We leave nothing to chance and take great personal care of you each step of the way.


Your flight concierge will work closely with you and/or your staff to ensure you have everything you need before boarding your flight. He or she will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We actively monitor every aspect of your flight to ensure your needs are met. For instance, weather diversions, curfews, overflight and more.

By the time you board your flight, we have already clearly communicated your  itinerary, ground transportation, baggage, catering, individual needs, customs and immigration with your flight crew. Your personal flight crew is a very important part of your journey. They are highly accredited in the industry.


Your dedicated flight crew know your aircraft inside and out to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Your in-flight crew are highly trained on all levels and have domestic and international experience carrying VIPs including Royalty and Heads of State while maintaining discretion.

Each flight is fully customized to you depending on your personal requirements. Onboard you will be in the safe hands of an experienced team of highly trained professionals.

When you fly with us again, we will already be aware of your needs to make the process another smooth experience.


If needed, your flight concierge will arrange all ground or helicopter transportation after you land as well as make any tour arrangements, restaurant and hotel reservations. If requested, your concierge will accompany you throughout your trip to maintain the level of service you’ve come to expect.

After your experience with us, we get a full debriefing from your crew and how your in-flight expectations were met, how your overall flight went and if they noticed anything that will enhance your next experience.

When your flight is complete, we